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As Host Agency you can decide what, if any, investment to make on behalf of your students.  Each student must have access to safety equipment - hard hat, gloves, goggles, vest and mask.  Tax deductible contributions to CERT+Training can support student gear.


If you are a Host Agency desiring to add or expand CERT classes as offered by CERT+ Training you may email us here or visit us on Facebook.

Host Agency Options

CERT+ Complete - The full CERT course provided by our Certified Trainers and Coordinators
  • Certified Instructors and experienced volunteers
  • Classroom Power Point and video presentations
  • Training equipment for hands-on exercises
  • Promotional materials for successful class attendance
  • Student manuals, master documentation and handouts
CERT+ Event Coordinator  - Working in liaison with your chosen CERT program manager 
  • Partnering with your emergency response personnel in meeting your goals for CERT
  • Advising with enrollment and promotion
  • Supporting local control and integration or assumption of CERT training in-house
CERT+ Supplemental -  Advanced CERT 4 hour training modules.
  • Emergency Communications
  • Animal Response in Disasters
CERT+ Assistance - for established programs.
  • Trainers for single unit presentations
  • Hands-on exercise demos
  • Safety officers
  • Promotional assistance
  • ‘Victims’ for disaster simulations

Host Agency Results

community results

  • Citizens prepared for emergencies and disasters
  • Professional training without the attendant expense
  • Involvement of local government in public awareness and responsibility.
  • Recognition of community leaders as supportive of local preparedness

community assets to build on

  • A complete CERT program from the first application to the graduating class photo.
  • Overall control of the CERT training program
  • Hosting at your own facility, convenient to your staff and citizenry.
  • The opportunity to showcase your emergency management personnel and plans.
  • The option to incorporate and absorb the program in-house.

Scheduled classes:

CERT Training Millington Sep 15 and 22, 2018


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