CERTPlus+ supports amateur radio communication, a critical element in individual and community complete preparedness.  CERT students and graduates are encouraged to become part of the fast-growing amateur radio community.  To that end, we provide a weekly ham radio event that offers the opportunity to listen in, learn more and communicate with the community of ham operators.

Join Us!

CERTPlus D-Star Net every Thursday at 8:30pm (2030 hours on the W4LET Node B repeater. (Node "B" is 440 MHz) The frequency is 443.98750 MHz +5.000.  Radio Amateurs outside the Memphis area can connect to the CERTPlus D-Star Net by linking to Reflector 067B, which is hosted by the Memphis Ham-Wan group.  Our back up Reflector is REF0058A.  

Ham Radio is for all ages.


Scheduled classes:

CERT Training Millington Sep 15 and 22, 2018


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