Who can request our services?
In accordance with FEMA guidelines, CERT programs are sponsored by local emergency management or elected leaders. These Host Agencies are typically fire, police, emergency management or city and county administrators.
How do I register as a Host Agency?
You register HERE.  You must meet these qualifications;
  • Be operated by a local emergency response organization such as the Fire Department or EMA
  • Conduct the CERT Basic Training Course and a CERT exercise at least once a year
  • Have a point of contact to be posted with other program information on the national CERT website
When are courses taught?
On a schedule mutually agreed upon between the Host Agency and CERTPlus providers.
Where are courses taught?
CERTPlus is a mobile training program bringing CERT to your local facility, generally a combination of accessible indoor classroom and outside for hands on exercises.
Who teaches CERT?
Only certified Instructors who have completed FEMA approved Train-the-Trainer classes.
Can our agency add local emergency responders like fire or police to the classroom presentation?
Yes, CERT training is a good venue for introducing your first responders to citizens who want to support preparedness and recovery. They may want to introduce each module, and describe local plans and administration to supplement the presentation.
Who maintains control of the CERT program as taught by CERTPlus?
Your agency maintains control through your assigned program manager.
What does CERTPlus charge for providing CERT training?
All CERTPlus personnel are volunteers. There is NO charge for instruction. Your only costs would be the optional expense of student gear, minimal copying of student handouts, optional classroom refreshments and the operational cost of any of your agency personnel participating at the class. (Student gear includes hard-hats, leather gloves, safety glasses or goggles, N-95 masks and reflective vests)  Frequently local donors will participate to defer the expense.
Must students meet certain qualifications in order to participate?
No, regardless of personal limitations, there is a place for everyone in CERT. Every effort is made to accommodate specific needs.
What protective gear are students required to wear?
Students are required to wear hard-hats, leather gloves, safety glasses or goggles, N-95 masks and reflective vests during activities. Host Agencies may pre-purchase the gear (at approximately $25 per student) and charge back to the student to absorb the cost. Frequently local donors will participate to defer the expense. CERTPlus trainers also have loaner gear available - or can provide to students at cost.
Sample emergency gear kits can be found at HERE.


How do I find out what CERT programs already exist in my area?
You can find existing programs by zip code HERE.  
How do I learn more about the National CERT program?
A complete description of CERT including program materials and requirements can be accessed HERE.
What about liability issues?
We provide Liability Release statements for each student to sign upon registration. Additionally, CERTPlus Instructors and volunteers sign releases holding the Host Agency harmless. During exercises, students must wear protective gear and Safety Officers are assigned to oversee hands-on activities.
What if I already have a CERT program but need an instructor for one module or volunteers to participate as mock victims?
CERTPlus has volunteer instructors and volunteers who can support your team’s existing program.
Can I request only the Supplementary CERT module such as Emergency Communications or Animals in Disasters?
Yes, if you are already a Host Agency for the basic CERT course. Supplementary modules are designed as advanced courses for CERT graduates.
Are donations tax deductible?
Chartered in Tennessee, Citizens for CERT doing business as CERTPlus, is a registered non-profit public charity for purposes of tax deductions. We have 501(c)(3) exemption status with the IRS. Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 46-1168521. If you have any question about the deduction, please contact us.
Can I join CERTPlus?
We welcome all CERT graduates and emergency responders. If you are interested in joining us either as a CERT graduate member, in an advisory capacity or to discuss whether our resources meet your needs, please join us email us here or visit us on Facebook.
Who do I contact with additional questions or to arrange a meeting?
You may contact us at Info@certplustraining.org

If I want to contribute funds or goods to CERTPlus.  Who do I contact?
You may contact Lee Race, Treasurer at lrace@certplustraining.org.

Can you give me an idea of what the training schedule looks like?
I want to be prepared.  Is there a plan I can make for my family?
Yes, click here.

Scheduled classes:

CERT Training Millington Sep 15 and 22, 2018


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